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Bramwell International provide Meindl shoes for actress Anna Friel’s WWF safari

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Bramwell International provide Meindl shoes for actress Anna Friel’s WWF safari

When actress Anna Friel visited east Africa with WWF to raise awareness of how oil exploration could threaten its outstanding natural beauty and diverse wildlife, she turned to us for help in getting around, by asking if we could provide the necessary footwear!

As sole importers of Meindl walking boots and shoes, we were more than happy to help, and despite tight deadlines, we managed to ship two pairs of safari friendly shoes from the factory in Germany to Anna in time for her trek with her 8 year old daughter Gracie.

Director Alastair Bramwell said, “We were really pleased to be approached by Anna as although we know our shoes are amongst the best in the world, it’s good to know that the message is out there. Apparently Anna read about our walking shoes in an online article about going on safari and had been impressed with the review.”

The British actress, famous for her roles in Pushing up Daisies, Public Enemies, Brookside and numerous films, was accompanied by her eight-year-old daughter Gracie and award-winning filmmaker Adrian Steirn, as she investigated how oil exploration could impact upon the environment, local people, and species such as the critically endangered mountain gorilla population, which inhabit the surrounding areas. She also saw how people make a living from the natural environment through activities such as fishing and eco-tourism.

Alastair continued “This is very important work that Anna is doing, and in putting her name to this WWF project, hopefully more people will become aware of it. We were more than happy to be involved in this in any small way that we could.”

Virunga National Park, Africa’s oldest national park, is home to around a quarter of the world’s remaining population of mountain gorillas and over 200 other species not found anywhere outside the region. Hundreds of thousands of people rely on the park for food and water. However, oil exploration and possible spills could devastate this fragile ecosystem.

Anna Friel commented: “I was incredibly fortunate to experience the beauty of Uganda’s parks with my daughter Gracie, and I now feel even more of a responsibility to help preserve this area for future generations. If we fail to act now, the heritage of this ‘protected’ area and these extraordinary creatures could no longer exist by the time Gracie is my age. If oil exploration can threaten a place as beautiful and meaningful as Virunga, where’s next?”

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