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Aftercare - Conditioner & Proofer

Aftercare - Conditioner & Proofer £7.49

Conditioner and proofer of all leather footwear
Aftercare - Silproof

Aftercare - Silproof £18.00

Maintenance of oily leather double stitched boots
Aftercare - Sportwax

Aftercare - Sportwax £4.99

Natural product formulated to condition and proof leather
Aftercare - Wetproof

Aftercare - Wetproof £6.99

Spray for all types of footwear from leather, suede & fabric
Footbed - Comfort Fit

Footbed - Comfort Fit £27.99

Replacement cork footbed for our Comfort Fit Range
Footbed - Soft Print

Footbed - Soft Print £10.49

Replacement footbed for all outdoor footwear
Footbed - Vakuum

Footbed - Vakuum £16.99

Replacement footbed with Memory Foam
Laces - Black

Laces - Black £4.99

Replacement Black Laces. Length 220cm
Laces - Blue/Grey

Laces - Blue/Grey £4.99

Replacement Laces. Lengths 150 - 200cm
Laces - Brown

Laces - Brown £4.99

Replacement Laces. Lengths 120 - 220cm
Laces - Desert Fox

Laces - Desert Fox £4.99

Replacement Sand coloured Laces. Length 190cm
Laces - Red

Laces - Red £4.99

Replacement Red Laces. Length 220cm

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The EssentialARB Magazine February competition winner for the much coveted MEINDL AIRSTREAM chainsaw boots has been announced.

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