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Care and repairs

Looking after your Meindl boots

Your boots are handcrafted in Germany and have been so by the same family for over 300 years. They’re designed to be your perfect adventure partners and last the test of time.

We know that many of the boots we make spend their days on craggy fell tops, mountain paths, trudging through rivers, puddles and mud. These are the places we love to see them. If you look after your boots after an outdoor adventure, they’ll look after you. Here are three simple steps to caring for your Meindl boots:

  • Wash with warm water and leave to dry naturally.
  • If your insoles are damp, because they have absorbed moisture generated by your foot, please take them out to air and dry.
  • Treat with care product.

Meindl are committed to longevity as the best form of sustainability. High quality materials, centuries of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship, and timeless design ensure precisely fitting and durable products that last. Meindl walking boots and shoes are designed so that repairs and resoles can be made if necessary. On a practical level this extends the life of the product, conserves resources, and minimises environmental impact. On a personal level it conserves the individual fit as well as the emotional value of the boots or shoes. This means that Meindl have a clear policy to repair rather than replace footwear.

Leather boots

Meindl Sportwax: Sportwax is a natural product formulated to condition and proof leather. Apply it with a sponge or cloth and don’t forget the tongues of the boots. Rub the wax in well. There’s no need to heat it, as this could reduce boot breathability. Waxing changes the appearance of the leather, making it smoother and darker. Applying a little to the hooks and eyelets also protects them against corrosion.

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Nubuck or suede boots

Meindl Conditioner & Proofer: Conditioning and proofing spray keeps nubuck leather and suede protected. The boots can be treated when the uppers aren’t quite dry – it ensures they’ll remain supple. Applying a little wax to the hooks and eyelets will protect them from corrosion.

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All boots and shoes

Meindl Wetproof: Wetproof spray increases the water resistance of your boots and shoes. This should be applied twice a year after cleaning and prior to waxing or conditioning. It is suitable for leather, suede and fabric footwear.

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Care Advice

  • How often should I use care product on my boots?

    We recommend that you clean any mud and dirt off your boots and shoes every time you have worn them. Your boots should be waxed regularly, every few weeks, although more regular treatment is needed when your boots are in daily use or when it is very rainy.

  • What to do with your boots before their first wear.

    Our boots are handcrafted in Germany. The footwear is pretreated before leaving the factory, so there is no need to treat it before you wear it. However, we recommend treating it every 4-6 weeks with an appropriate care product to help repel water and keep the leather supple.

    Full leather boots give the best protection of all our footwear during wet conditions. But remember that water could always find a way inside your boots or shoes on a very wet day, sometimes by going over the top or wicking down your trousers.

  • Some styles of boots can be resoled

    Have your perfect walking companions been well-loved and cared for but are now at the end of their sole life? I

    Resoles take place at the Meindl factory in Germany. They take approximately 10-12 weeks and cost from £105, depending on the model. Please note that Meindl reserve the right to use another sole unit suited to the model, if the original is no longer available.  Please find a Resole form here

    They can also be resoled in the UK at the following repairers

    Ingman –

    Lancashire Sports Repairs –

    For repair enquiries please Contact us for further information.

    Find the Care product for your Meindl shoes or boots.

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