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Nick has worked in the retail and outdoor business for 15 years, so he knows his stuff when it comes to walking boots. But, there are a few things that he needs to know about you and your feet first.

“Here’s what I ask customers when they come in looking for a boot…

  • Where will you be using the boot?
  • Does it have to fulfil a specific purpose, such as crampon compatibility, insulate the feet, or a scrambling style sole?
  • What is your preferred terrain, or most common walking area?
  • Do you prefer a stiff or soft mid-sole?
  • Do you prefer a leather or fabric mix upper?
  • Have you suffered with any foot, ankle or knee injuries over the years, specifically when walking over long distances?”

We’d encourage you to think about these questions before a boot fitting. They’re all important factors and every foot is different. It’s all about finding the right boot for the foot, and not the other way around!

Nick’s team at Taunton Leisure offer a full boot measuring service, a range of socks and shoe care products, including; Meindl Sport Wax and MFS Vakuum Footbeds.

“I’d always suggest pairing your boots with some good quality well-fitting socks too. Sock thickness also needs to be considered when fitting the boot, as we like to ensure there is approximately 1cm in the front of the boot which is to allow for foot extension and any slight movement when walking downhill.

Lacing and insoles are important too. There needs to be a firm lace up to get the best fit out of the boot. We discuss the volume of each boot and try different options for a fit if necessary. This process is useful for customers with existing podiatry requirements, such as an insole that may affect the volume of the boot. Last but not least, we look at the best proofing for the boots, as they’ve got to be cared for well.”

If Nick isn’t fitting boots, he’s out on an outdoor adventure. Pay him a visit for expert pack fitting, walking pole and technical tent advice too.

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