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If you pass the Great Outdoors store in Dublin, you’ll see our Vakuum GTX leather walking boots. They are the stars of a seasonal advert encouraging walkers to head in-store and try our Meindl range.

With such a huge range to choose from, why did we settle on the Vakuum GTX to represent the brand? Nick from Meindl explains:

“They are a great pair of hillwalking boots. The Meindl memory foam moulds to your feet to give a customised fit and the Goretex lining means they are guaranteed waterproof. Their deep sole profile ensures stability and grip on the most challenging of surfaces. The size of the window meant we chose an image that communicates all of those technical features. We hope it entices people into the Great Outdoors store and inspires them to go and explore.”

Vakuum GTX at Great Outdoors

Great Outdoors has been stocking Meindl boots and shoes for 40 years and their staff are experienced fitters. It’s reassuring to know that on a typical day in the store, their staff has 240 years of experience in doing the activities you like to do.

No matter how big your adventure, it’s still your adventure and we have always strived to make that adventure the best possible one. We hope that anyone who enjoys “the Outdoor Life” will find much to interest them both in our shop and on our site. We have built our reputation on our great brand ranges and the experienced and qualified staff that we employ. All of the staff are outdoors’ people and have as much interest in adventure as our customers do.

If you can’t make it into the Dublin store, they offer a large range of Meindl walking shoes and boots from their online shop.

Vakuum GTX review

There’s plenty of information about Vakuum GTX leather walking boots on our website and the Great Outdoors website, but what’s it like to wear them? has a really in-depth review ranging from out of the box first impressions to an update 10 months on. It’s well worth a read and full of excellent detail:

Starting with the insoles, they were very comfortable when I first put the boots on. Not too soft and not too hard so a good start! The insoles are removable and breathable using an ‘air-active sole’. It’s worth noting that specific insoles for these boots are available separately. How about that for a vote of confidence in the construction, they know you’re going to want new insoles long before the boots wear out.

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