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Size and Fit Guide

Getting fitted for your Meindl boots.

The Meindl family has been making footwear since 1683, so each Meindl boot combines innovative technology and materials with skills passed down through the generations. Meindl has ploughed its centuries of experience into refining the science of comfort.

Meindl cater for every foot shape and size – they produce 33 boot sizes, including half sizes, which start at a ladies 3.5 and move up to a mens size 17. Their huge range of products includes shoes and boots that are slim, medium, wide and Comfort Fit widths.

We’re here to share all the information you need to start the search for your perfect Meindl boots, and as we like to stick to tradition, we recommend that your next step is to find your nearest stockist and try before you buy to ensure the best fit possible.

Here are some top tips on the correct way to try on boots from Lukas Meindl.

  • Socks

    Bring your socks along. Technical socks that provide an ideal foot climate, particularly in GORE-TEX® boots, are suitable. Socks of different thicknesses not only make a difference in the volume but also in the length of the boot. Ask to borrow or buy some if you don’t have the correct ones already. Wear orthopaedic insoles? Bring those too.

  • Laces

    Tighten the boots correctly. Push your heel back, centre the tongue, and lace up. Be aware of the 2-zone lacing when doing so. When walking up mountains, lace the lower area up to the locking hooks (Zone I) tightly, and the ankle area above rather more loosely, in order to increase ease of movement (Zone II). When walking downhill, tighten the laces in the ankle area in order to prevent the foot sliding forwards.

  • Sizes

    We’d recommend trying on sizes both above and below your usual size to check the fit. Did you know that feet are smaller in the mornings? In addition, the muscles deteriorate with age, the arch is reduced, the foot becomes longer and wider, and therefore larger. If in doubt, choose a boot that is slightly larger.

  • Check the fit

    Everyone’s feet are a different shape and size and sometimes one foot is slightly different to the other. Check the shape of your feet against the boots. Good questions to ask are:

    How tapered are your toes? Do you need a boot with a round toe box? Is the widest part of your foot in the same place as the boots? Do my toes have enough room?

    Does the heel fit? Can I stand comfortably in the boots? Does the boot fit well and is the volume correct?

    The following rule of thumb applies – in a boot that fits, the foot has around 1cm of space at the toe (test with a finger). Many boots purchased are actually too small. Do they pinch anywhere? The
    width can be stretched and/or will adjust with time when broken in – but not the length! Remember that boots that are too long or wide are not the correct fit.

  • Try walking uphill

    Use the test ramp available in the shop. Above all, take your time. Keep the boots that seem the correct size and fit on for at least 10 minutes, because the leather and the interior, such as foam, will warm up and adjust. It is important that there is no heel lift and check for this when you are trying the boots. Heel lift and movement will cause discomfort and blisters.

  • Try walking downhill

    Lace the boots tightly and make sure that your toes do not touch the front of the boot. The more difficult the terrain you are walking on, the more laterally stable the boots must be. If you are unsure of the best boot for you, Lukas Meindl recommends the more stable boot, as boots become softer over time.

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