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Gear test with grough

grough is an independently-owned website offering the most up-to-date news and features about outdoor activities to a community of outdoor enthusiasts. They recently invited us to put our Peru GTX boots on test with them and we’re thrilled to say they categorised them as a good buy and scored them 83/100.

Their test was for a boot that can be used throughout the year, but not in the kind of conditions you’ll encounter on UK mountains during a true winter spell (ice, hard snow, including névé).

Meindl lined up against five other brands and grough tested them all extensively in varying conditions, ranging from warm, dry days to torrential wet periods and cold days.

You can read the full review on the grough site, or scroll down for the highlights.

Good stability

“The Meindl boot is mid-weight and its sole is mid-stiffness, giving good stability on more technical terrain. I found it a comfortable all-rounder that coped with a wide range of conditions, from torrential days on boggy moorland to fellwalking in mixed weather.

The Nubuck leather ‘wets out’ but, combined with the Gore-Tex liner, kept the rain out even on very wet days, walking through sodden grass and deep mud. On the hill, the well designed sole unit coped well with gravel trails, rocky sections and grass. The leather is supple enough to be comfortable out of the box, and the ankle cuff has good foam protection and leather lining. The forefoot is wide and medium volume.”

Happy in the UK’s mountains and fells

“The Meindl boot was the most comfortable overall in the test and was the footwear I reached for when heading out daily in wet and cool conditions.

Braking and traction on wet grass were moderately assured. Braking on wet rock was good and traction on wet rock was very good. The Peru GTX was happy in the UK’s mountains and fells and, as mentioned, will work in wintry conditions of soft snow and slush but isn’t designed for full winter conditions where crampons and step-kicking may be necessary.

As an all-rounder for spring, summer and autumn the Meindl boot was hard to beat. For a walker who mainly heads out in such conditions, with an occasional foray onto colder hills, they represent a good choice.”

grough's scores revealed

Best uses: UK mountain walking, fell walking, country walking in spring, summer and autumn; occasional walking in winter in conditions short of full winter requiring the use of crampons; low-level Alpine walking.

Performance 34/40
Comfort 27/30
Quality 8/10
Value for money 7/10
Sustainability 7/10
Total score: 83/100

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