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Which Meindl boot should I choose?

Meindl boots are graded in a category system from A – D. These categories are based on the terrain that the boot will be suitable for. It’s important that you choose the correct boot for the type of walking or activity that you’ll be doing. If you’re not sure – read on, we’re here to help.

Alfons Meindl developed these terrain categories to classify his family’s boots in 1975. Over the years, the system has been refined and it’s now widely used by many footwear manufacturers. 40 years ago, Alfons needed to be sure that his customers were selecting the most appropriate boots for their needs. This is still a top priority for our high quality footwear today.  If you’re looking to purchase a pair of boots we’d encourage you to read the terrain categories below before heading to one of our stockists to get their expert advice and be fitted correctly.

Note: most of our shoes and boots are graded, but if you can’t see a specific grading next to a product, it doesn’t have one, and that means it’s for keeping your feet comfortable on every day adventures.
Here’s everything you need to know to make a decision about the best boot for you.

Alfons Meindl’s top tips:

  • If in doubt, choose as sturdier boot, as it will cover a wider range of uses.
  • If you frequently walk in wet regions, or there isn’t an opportunity to dry your boots overnight, opt for a GORE-TEX® lined model.
  • If possible, get your boots fitted in the afternoon as your feet swell during the day.
  • Wear your new boots indoors at home to check that you have the correct size before heading outside.

Grade A

Meindl for Leisure

A good quality walking shoe or mid boot with enough stability and underfoot protection for daily use. These shoes and mids will take you from the urban commute and a weekend city break, on to a trail walk and lower level path. They are truly multi-purpose shoes.
Caracas GTX is an example of an A grade shoe and Respond Mid GTX is an example of a grade A mid.

Grade A/B

Meindl for leisure and hill

This category blends the two either side of it – A and B – meaning that these boots are suitable for both leisure and hill walking. They can stride out on footpaths and lower level hills. The main difference between these boots and those in category B is that these boots are more flexible and slightly softer in the upper. Meran GTX is an A/B grade boot.

Grade B

Meindl for hill

Supportive boots made using high quality leather. The sole units are stiffer than an A/B grade boot and they provide more stability and underfoot support. Suitable for demanding walks in the Lake District, North Wales and Scotland, as well as lower level paths in the Alps or Pyrenees during the summer. Bhutan GTX is our classic B grade boot and a firm favourite of UK and Irish customers.

Grade B/C

Meindl for mountain

These boots are handmade from high quality leather. They are heavier and have a more robust upper and sole unit than a B grade boot. They are suitable for occasional crampon use. Grade B/C boots are ideal for multi-day trips, demanding trekking, extended hikes in the high mountains, poor mountain paths, scree and fixed rope routes. We would recommend a grade B/C boot for winter walking in Scotland and more demanding European walking in the summer.  Himalaya MFS is our top rated B/C grade boot.

Grade C

Meindl for high mountains

These boots are designed to tackle mountainous terrain, unmarked routes, screes and glaciers. Due to the terrain, these boots are stiffer and provide more protection than boots of a lower grade. They are suitable for crampons and ideal for Scottish winters and higher altitude routes in the European mountains.  Glockner MFS and Jorasse GTX are some of our grade C boots.

Grade D

Meindl for mountaineering

These boots are fully stiffened and designed for high level mountaineering. They are fully crampon compatible and are suitable for expeditions to the high Alps and Himalayas. Grossvenediger MFS is a typical Meindl D grade boot.

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