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About Meindl

Est. 1683 - A Family Business

300 years of extraordinary family shoemakers. Boots handcrafted in Bavaria, Germany.

Meindl’s history takes us back to 1683. Petrus Meindl was the first family shoemaker in Kirchanschoring, Bavaria, Southern Germany.

Fast-forward over 300 years and Meindl now produce over 1 million pairs of boots and shoes from their same home in Germany each year. At the helm are Lukas and Lars Meindl, the eleventh generation of the Meindl family shoemakers.

The Meindl Family.

Far-Sighted Tradition

Over the years, Meindl boots have been trusted all over the world – right from Mount Everest expeditions to pounding the pavement on city breaks. The family have continued to develop their footwear and innovation lies at the heart of Meindl. Alfons Meindl was one of the first shoemakers to use a GORE-TEX membrane in a boot, making it waterproof and breathable. He also developed the  terrain categories A-D that are widely used to categorise shoes and boots today.

Meindl’s home is one of the few remaining boot factories in Germany. Lukas and Lars employ 200 master shoemakers all with the experience, attention to detail and commitment that a natural product, such as leather, needs. There are over 200 steps required to manufacture every single high-quality walking boot that steps out of the Meindl factory.

Handcrafted Quality

Handcrafted production is supported by modern equipment, but each machine is still operated by a person. High quality assurance systems are in place and over the years Meindl have continued to favour handcrafted quality over becoming a brand that breaks into a mass market.

High quality products need specialist retailers as a partner, so the company’s sales-support team for retail sales and delivery are supported by a separate logistical centre, also in Kirchanschoring. Wherever in the world you are, and whether you’re spending time on the high mountains, Nordic walking, in the city, or out hiking, Meindl boots are reliable companions for your feet. We have won many national and international awards that showcase what we strive for. At the heart of our brand is quality and innovation.

If you choose us as your adventure partner, we hope you enjoy your boots as much as we do making them.

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