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What length of lace do I need for my Meindl shoe or boot?

For shoes

  • 120cm laces

For boots

  • Up to a size 8: 150cm laces
  • Sizes 8-11: 180cm laces
  • Sizes 11-14: 200cm laces

For Dovre Extreme and high leg Field Sports Boots: 220cm laces for all sizes.

Can Meindl boots be resoled?

Meindl walking boots and shoes are designed so that repairs and resoles can be made if necessary. If the uppers of your boots are still supple, not dry or cracked it is possible to pay for resoling and extend their life. 
Please contact Lancashire Sports Repairs (LSR) who will be able to advise you. Find their website at:  



Which boots are crampon compatible?

Meindl boots graded C and D can be used with crampons. Find out more about our terrain categories and a crampon compatible boot.

Our recommendation is that Meindl grade B boots, which include Borneo, Burma and Bhutan aren’t used with crampons as they are too flexible. We do recommend micro spikes for winter walking with these styles.

What does GTX stand for in Meindl’s style names?

GTX stands for GORE-TEX. It means the boots or shoes have a GORE-TEX waterproof-breathable lining.

What does MFS stand for in Meindl’s style names?

MFS stands for Memory Foam System. Memory foam is used in the uppers and footbeds of some styles. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the foot under body heat and pressure, adding to the individualised fit of your Meindl boots.

Where is my nearest Meindl stockist?

You can find your nearest stockist using the stockist search on our website.


Why doesn't Meindl sell online in the UK?

Meindl is passionate that every shoe or boot fits correctly, so we always encourage you to visit your nearest stockist to get your boots fitted.

How do I find a particular Meindl style?

Meindl produces a huge range of styles and they are hand-crafted in Germany so not all of them are readily available in UK shops. However, your nearest Meindl stockist should be able to order any Meindl style for you. Please get in touch with them to enquire.

Does Meindl offer a warranty?

Meindl’s manufacturing warranty is one year from the original date of purchase. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear, the results of improper usage, wilful damage, or lack of proper care and treatment, or modifications.

What do the Meindl gradings indicate?

The Meindl gradings help you work out which boot is right for your type of activity.

There are four main gradings that apply here in the UK:

Grade A or M: multifunctional boots or shoes for leisure, travelling or everyday use

Grade AB: introductory boots for low level paths and trails

Grade B: boots with more support for lengthier walks and tougher terrain

Grade BC: boots for ambitious mountain activity or winter conditions (suitable for flexible crampons)

How should I store my boots?

Boots should be stored clean and in a dry airy place. They shouldn’t be stored in damp rooms, closed boxes, or plastic bags. It’s really important to keep your boots clean and to dry them away from a heat source that could damage the upper and the sole. There’s more information on how to care for Meindl boots here.

The ageing process of a boot is accelerated by them being incorrectly stored or not used for long periods. Materials can become hard or porous – and porous soles are difficult to spot from the outside, as the process starts from the inside. If you have not worn your boots for a long time carry out a thorough inspection, particularly of the sole, and take a short walk to test them.

What’s the best way to clean my boots?

If you look after your boots, they’ll look after you. Here are three simple steps on how to care for your Meindl boots:

  • Wash with warm water and leave to dry naturally.
  • If the insides are wet, use a kitchen roll or old tea towel to soak up the moisture.
  • Treat with care product.

What care products does Meindl make?

Sportwax is a natural product formulated to waterproof and condition leather. Apply it with a sponge or cloth or even your fingers – and don’t forget the tongues of the boots. Rub the wax in well. Applying a little to the hooks and eyelets also protects them against corrosion.

 Tip: Waxing also changes the appearance of the leather, making it smoother and darker.

Conditioner and proofer keeps nubuck leather and suede uppers protected and supple.

Tip: boots and shoes can be treated when the uppers aren’t quite dry – this will mean they’ll remain supple.

Wetproof increases the water resistance of your boots and shoes.


Tip: This should be applied twice a year after cleaning and prior to waxing or conditioning. It is suitable for leather, suede and fabric footwear.

What care products do you recommend for leather styles?

Use Sportwax on your boots every few weeks, or more often if they are in daily use. Use conditioner and proofer to repel water and keep the leather supple. Application frequency is the same as Sportwax.

Use Wetproof twice a year for extra protection.

What care products do you recommend for nubuck or suede styles?

 Use conditioner and proofer every 4-6 weeks to keep the leather supple and help repel water. Use it more often if they are in daily use.

Use Wetproof twice a year for extra protection.

How do I keep my boot soles in good condition?

It’s really important to wear your boots on a regular basis so that the soles remain ‘active’. If you rarely use your boots, the soles will harden and dry over time – a bit like a car tyre – even if they are new. This is known as hydrolysis and is a natural deterioration of the sole material (polyurethane compounds) rather than a production issue. It leads to the soles crumbling or detaching from the rest of your boots. Hydrolysis occurs more often in areas that are very humid or wet. 

I've got an issue with my Meindl boots, who do I contact?

We don’t sell boots or shoes directly in the UK, so your purchase agreement is with the retailer that you bought them from.

Please take your boots back to the store where you purchased them and outline the problem. They will inspect them and if need be, return them to us on your behalf.


I am on holiday – can I get my boots repaired or replaced?

We are the official Meindl distributor for the UK and Ireland. We can process returns from UK and Irish retailers, or members of the public in the UK.

Can Meindl boots be repaired?

The Meindl factory in Germany is home to an excellent service department that can offer repairs when the boot uppers are in good condition. They are usually able to repair hooks, stitching and linings for a small charge. They will always confirm a cost before any work is carried out.

We also undertake smaller repairs in the UK which have the advantage of a quicker turnaround time.

How do I arrange a boot repair?

To find out whether your boots can be repaired, please take them back to the store you purchased them from and they will be able to advise you. 

What is Meindl’s policy for returns?

Meindl is committed to longevity as the best form of sustainability. Meindl walking boots and shoes are designed so that repairs and resoles can be made if necessary. On a practical level, this extends the life of the product, conserves resources, and minimises environmental impact. On a personal level, it conserves the individual fit as well as the emotional value of the boots or shoes.

This means that Meindl offers to repair rather than replace footwear.

How do I choose the right boot or shoe for my needs?

When and where you are walking, and finding the right fit for you are the most important factors in finding the right boot or shoe. If you invest in a pair that suits you well, the cost per mile of your investment quickly drops. Here’s all our advice on finding a pair of boots or shoes.


Do Meindl make wide fitting boots and shoes?

Meindl have a huge range of boots and shoes and cater for all foot shapes and sizes. We make a specific wide foot range of boots called Comfort fit, which are wider in the forefoot. Please see wide fit styles here.

Should I just buy my regular size when buying Meindl boots or shoes?

Feet can change in shape and size over the course of adulthood so the best thing to do is have your feet professionally measured before buying your boots or shoes. 

 If a boot fitting is not available, your current shoe size is a good starting point but here are our tips for trying on footwear before buying.

Why is it important to get a professional boot fitting?

The right fit can avoid really common issues such as blisters. It also avoids wear and tear to the boot or shoe due to poor fit, which puts a strain on their construction over time.

Meindl boots come in full and half sizes (from UK 3.5 to UK 17 in certain ranges). The fit recognises the differences between male and female feet and we use different lasts for men’s and lady’s boots and shoes.

One of our Meindl stockists will be able to help you find the one that’s best for your feet.

If a boot fitting is not available, your current shoe size is a good starting point but here are our tips for trying on footwear before buying.

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