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Meindl Resoling Service

The best way to return your boots for resoling is through the shop you bought them from. If this is not possible, you can send them directly to us at:

Bramwell International Ltd,
Hincaster Hall, Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7ND

Please clean your boots thoroughly, including the soles, before returning them – they are being sent to Germany and as we are sending them abroad they must be free of mud, grass etc. Please complete this Resole Form and include it with your boots.

If we do not have this information this will slow down the processing of your boots.

If you have your own footbeds please remove them before sending the boots to us. Meindl replaces the footbeds and laces in your boots when they are resoled so if the ones in the boots are in a good condition, we suggest you remove them & keep them as spares.

Please note that Meindl reserve the right to use an alternative sole unit suited to the model, if the original is no longer available.

Please be aware that boots can only be resoled if the leather & the lining are in good condition and particularly that the leather is supple and free from cracks. Boots will be away at the Meindl factory for around 10-12 weeks.

We can only deal with boots sent from, and to be returned to an address in the UK.

Your boots will be resoled at Meindl and we will contact you for payment on their return. The cost of a resole is dependent on the model (usually £110).

Meindl can also arrange the replacement of hooks and D-rings and repair heel lining and stitching, please contact us for further details at


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