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An awesome, hot summer in Northern Ireland (2018) meant that we were able to get out climbing in t-shirts and shorts on hallowed granite walls. It may not have been an authentic Mournes climbing introduction for our littlest trekker. She had a ball though.

The first proper test of her new Meindl walking boots; as you can see, they did a fantastic job of getting her to the crag. I have to say, I was dubious at how effective the Meindl’s would be as climbers, but our Little Trekkers shot up and needed a lot of gear, so we were prioritising in terms of cost and proper climbing shoes were quite far down the list.

Turns out, they were more than up to the job! I’ve no idea what she’s standing on here, but the boots definitely weren’t holding her back. We found they were stiff enough to provide loads of support, but flexible in the crucial part of the sole to provide a great base for pushing off onto those high steps. They could be squished comfortably into the cracks of the crag and the soles sticky enough for toe and side smearing.

We had a very satisfied little mountain goat that day. Wonderful memories made. Thanks, Meindl, for being the icing on the cake! Thanks to Kerry Teague, Little Trekkers.

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