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Committed to sustainability

Repairs and resoling rather than replacement

Meindl EcoSteps

Meindl’s EcoSteps describe the most important steps we have already taken on the path to sustainability. Perhaps one of the most important EcoSteps is our commitment to creating walking boots and shoes that are both durable and repairable. Focusing on those things ensures that we are using resources respectfully.


Meindl shoes are designed for the longest possible use. We craft products that last by combining:

  • High-quality materials
  • Centuries of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship
  • Timeless design 

Repairing and resoling 

Meindl has a clear policy to repair rather than replace footwear. We extend the product life cycle of our walking boots and shoes through a range of repairs and a resoling service.

On a practical level, this conserves resources and minimises environmental impact. On a personal level, it conserves the individual fit as well as the emotional value of your boots or shoes. 


How to get my boots resoled

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